Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

  • I purchased a We2Video IDMR but I don’t know how to access it

    After your payment is confirmed, you will receive a Welcome e-mail with instructions on how to setup your account, customize your IDMR, and start using it. Check your ‘SPAM’ inbox as well. If you still do not get the Welcome e-mail within the hour, please contact our Help Desk through our website.

  • Can I buy several IDMRs at once?

    When you acquire an IDMR, you will receive a WE2VIDEO Account. Within this Account, you are allowed to have as many IDMRs as you need or wish. There is no cost for additional IDMRs, even though you will need to purchase an ACK Code the first time. Note that your Monthly Subscription of 40 hours per month usage with up to 8 participants, including yourself, is for your first IDMR. If you want to invite other participants toany of your multiple additional IDMRs, you will have to purchase additional time (See “How do I buy additional time for my IDMRs?”). Also, note that only the Account Owner will have authority to customize the IDMRs, and only one Facebook account can be integrated, regardless of the number of IDMRs you create. If you want to acquire IDMRs for other users to have access to all features (i.e.: customization, Facebook, etc.), you will have to buy / create an individual Account for each user.

  • What is the difference between WE2VIDEO and other videoconference tools?

    WE2VIDEO offers much more than video communication. It is a browser based interactive broadcasting, collaboration and communications platform engineered to leverage the new digital economy. The differences and added value are quite significant, of course, depending on what you want or need to achieve. In addition to the standard features, some of WE2VIDEO’s differentials include:

    - Customization: WE2VIDEO is designed to provide value added solutions, specific to the users’ needs, through customizations and integrations in exclusive and permanent environments (Interactive Digital Media Rooms - IDMRs). It provides unlimited possibilities for designing innovative digital models for today’s connected economy, and offers interactive experiences, for users and their audiences (i.e.: customers, colleagues, students, patients, etc.), beyond just video meetings.

    - Flexibility: In addition to the powerful customization features, when you acquire a WE2VIDEO Account, you may create and customize multiple IDMRs, connected to each other within your account, in order to adjust your model and processes to your needs. For example, Independent Professionals (i.e.: Doctors, Consultants, Teachers, and so on), may choose to have, in addition to the ‘main’ IDMR, another IDMR as a ‘Waiting Room” (featuring related content, live TV, or music) for when the prior Session runs overtime, or you need a few minutes before your next meeting, or you need one of the Guests to ‘step out of the room’ for a private conversation with another Guest in the Session, such as when negotiating. A third IDMR could be used for openly showcasing your products and services to potential customers, including the possibilities to schedule an appointment (through Calendly, for example), browse through your social networks, fill-out a Form or respond to a Survey, make a purchase through your payment gateway, etc., 24 hours a day, even when you are not there. A fourth IDMR could be offered to your Assistant and / or a colleague with whom you interact frequently, in order to easily reach them while in a Session or re-direct your Guests / Customers to them with a simple ‘click’. Additional IDMRs could be designated to your key customers, providers, or even your husband / wife / children, provided it makes sense to your needs. Another example for benefiting from multiple IDMRs could be for a Real Estate Company or Agent, where each IDMR is designated to a specific property (or group of properties) for sale. In this case, you could include virtual reality tours for each property, information, videos, documents about the neighborhood, proximity to schools, shopping possibilities, and so on. Just share the exclusive property’s IDMR link on the social networks, blogs, and your site, and offer potential buyers an innovative experience, focused on conversion!

    - Innovation Platform: WE2VIDEO is a gateway to digital transformation the way you define it, supported by next generation technologies such as ICDM, webRTC, HTML5, etc., and serviced by today’s leading and most trusted Cloud providers. It is designed for flexible and scalable custom models, digital solutions, white-label initiatives, and ecosystems, ideal for leveraging digital content and tools, for innovative schemes in most professions, sectors, and industries. Some examples:

    o Develop a Virtual Shopping Mall to complement a physical mall, and generate traffic 24/7, broadcast live offline events, monetize through advertising, don’t lose sales to online marketplaces, collect data, etc.
    o Develop large scale Marketing Campaigns that will guarantee brand exposure, customer insights through data collection, sales conversion, differentiation, and boost your ROI
    o Increase the monetization of your ‘offline’ events (i.e.: concerts, seminars, networking events, etc.) by selling ‘online IDMR tickets’ (exclusively for the duration of the live event), guaranteeing your event Sponsors a significantly better return for their investment, collecting valuable data from your participants, increasing your audience to all corners of the world, etc.
    o Provide your sales network (i.e.: franchisees, insurance agents, ‘cosmetics’ saleswomen, etc.) individual IDMRs, customized and branded your way (or not), to boost sales productivity, customer engagement, loyalty, differentiation, and more!
    o WE2VIDEO makes digital value adding innovation easy!

    - Security: As opposed to many popular services, particularly free ones, WE2VIDEO offers top SSL GEO IP (the highest internet security standards available in each country), which practically eliminates risks of phishing, hacking, ‘ghosted’ communication (i.e.: someone ‘joins’ without your knowledge), data losses, etc. High security standards is also why you will have to use “Captchas” with some frequency inside the Platform, why you will not be able to integrate digital content from websites which do not provide top security (i.e.: only ‘https//’ URLs can be integrated), why we only authorize API integrations after a technical ‘due diligence’, or why your IDMR will ‘freeze’ if unsecure content is detected (See “What is Secure Mode?”). Upon request, additional security ‘Onion Layers’ can be provided in Custom Models for Cybersecurity Policies compliance.

    - Value: Despite of the monthly cost for your IDMR (… lower than a coffee per day…), WE2VIDEO offers opportunities for significant added value. It not only reduces wasted time and travel costs through video meetings, as most tools that work well do, WE2VIDEO also provides opportunities for new sources of monetization, audience engagement, retention and upselling, valuable brand exposure focused on conversion, and opportunities to become first movers into unexplored ‘blue oceans’ through innovation.

    For additional functionalities, ideas, and solutions, please check out or contact us for details.

  • Once I access my Account for the first time, how do I get started?

    The first thing you will see is your main Account page, with the following headings:
    View | Account | Report order codes | Social Usage
    The ‘View’ heading will take you to your list of IDMRs, from where you will be able to enter them or start setting up all the parameters and customizations (See “Edit Room”). Simply click on either one of the options:
    The ‘Account’ heading will allow you modify the Account’s Password, set a different Language, select your location and time-zone, and include an Avatar (See “What is an Avatar”). Note: Every time you make changes to either your Account or your IDMRs, your will be required to go through a security verification (See “What is a Captcha”) before being able to Save any changes.

    The ‘Report order codes’ heading opens up a report of all ACK Codes (See “What is an ACK Code”) for easy administration.

    The ‘Social’ header allows you to synchronize your Instagram account (See ‘Customizing my Social Networks’ section)

    The ‘Usage’ header provides a Reporting function for all of your IDMRs time consumed (‘usage’) per IDMR (number and name, in case you have more than one) and per dates, along with the Guests that entered your IDMR and the length of each Session.

  • What is the Room Cover?

    Under the General parameters for each IDMR in your Account, you may select an image identifying your Room. Files must be less than 64 MB, in png gif jpg jpeg format, and between 64x64 and 1200x1200 pixels. You may also include a Description of your IDMR, particularly if you have several IDMRs serving different objectives.

  • What is an Avatar?

    An Avatar is an image that you will be able to use inside your IDMRs when you do not want to be shown on Video or want to ‘pause’ temporarily your video. It is particularly useful when you need to take a phone call, ‘step-out’ of the Room for a short while, etc. Avatars can be GIFs or Images (png, jpg, or jpeg) with file size limit of 2MB. A great place to get GIFs is

  • What does it mean to ‘Edit Room’?

    Each IDMR is fully customizable to your needs. There are “General” settings, “Accessibility” settings, and “Customization” settings that you can choose to ‘Edit’ from the default settings that come with any new IDMR. Note that you can ‘Edit’ any aspect of the room, at any time, and as many times as you want to, either from inside the IDMR or from your main Account page. The remaining FAQs address the procedures and alternatives for editing your IDMR.

  • What's the difference between ‘Anonymous’ and ‘Authenticated’ user access?

    If you select “Anonymous”, anyone may come into your room by simply clicking on the IDMR link provided (i.e.: e-mail, social networks, ‘web-button’ embedded in your site, etc.). This is useful, for example, for customer service, or a showroom, or for an e-Commerce, etc. If you select “Authenticated”, your Guests will have to fill out a one time registration form (name & e-mail) and confirm the e-mail before entering your IDMR (Note: for Privacy purposes, ‘Authenticated’ is generally recommended for personal IDMRs).

  • What's the difference between ‘Required Moderator’ and ‘No Moderator Required’ in the Accessibility settings?

    If you want your IDMR to be accessible to anyone at any time without you having to be present in your room (example: a ‘showroom’), select ‘No Moderator Required’. If you want a private IDRM, where Guests can only access when you are there, select ‘Moderator Required’.

  • Can I allow users without Webcam or Microphone?

    Yes. If a Guest does not have a webcam, you will have to select “YES” for “Allow without Webcam” in Accessibility settings. Otherwise your Guest will not be allowed to enter the Room.

  • What does it mean ‘Audio Only’?

    You can select “Audio Only” in Accessibility settings if you have several Guests joining in by mobile phone, for example, or video is unnecessary, or Internet / wi-fi strength is poor. Note that by selecting this option, neither you nor any of your Guests will have video visibility, just audio as in a regular conference call.

  • How do I modify the Video Quality?

    Go to “General”, “Advance”, “Video Settings”, and select your preferred parameters for video Width, Height, and Frame rate. In order to maintain monthly plans at fully accessible costs, SD video format is the standard. Upgrading to HD is possible through Custom projects and will consider the corresponding costs.

  • What is the Safe Mode?

    If you ever encounter troubles accessing your IDMR, there is most likely an integration link being rejected by our system due to security restrictions, error, or incompatibility. In this case, access your account, without entering your IDRM, go to “Accessibility’, and select ‘YES’ for ‘Safe Mode’. This will allow you to enter your IDMR, ‘visually empty’ of any customization and content, in order to troubleshoot and identify, through process of elimination, where your problem link is. Once inside the IDMR, click on the ‘Customize’ icon (all links will be there). Ideally, remove and refresh link by link, including setting back to “No” the ‘Safe Mode’ before saving with every attempt. After you have identified and removed the problem link, make sure to set back to “No” the ‘Safe Mode’, save, and continue using your IDMR normally.

  • What are the differences between the Background ‘types’?

    There are four types of Background integration formats for standard IDMRs: Images, YouTube, iFrame, and PDF.

    - If you want to use an image, or up-to ten images on a ‘carrousel’ format, select “Image” for the Background type, and upload the images individually. Note that JPEG, JPG, PNG and GIF are the formats allowed, and with up to 64 MB, with pixels between 480x320 and 2000x2000.
    - If you would like to have a YouTube video as your Background, select this Background type and copy/paste the link provided (NOT the ‘embed’ link). All YouTube videos have a ‘share’ function; when you click on it, just copy the provided link.
    - If you want to have another website in your IDMR’s Background (i.e.: your e-commerce, institutional website, etc.), select iFrame type and simply type the website’s URL address. Note that only HTTPS web addresses will be allowed by the system for Security reasons.
    - If you want to have a presentation as your Background, we strongly suggest that you convert it to PDF format in order to take advantage of the multiple functionalities provided. Select PDF type and simply upload the PDF file – Maximum file size is 50 MB.
    - Always ‘Save’ after any customization changes, and make sure you and your Guests “Rearrange Video” for optimal Background functionalities.
    - Note that you can change the IDMR’s Background as many times as you want, even while on a Session with Guests (a great feature!).
    - When you share your screen, or any of your Guests do, the content being shared will become your IDMR’s Background.

  • I want to integrate my e-commerce into the Background of the IDMR but it is not working out

    When Customizing your IDMR, go to Background, then make sure to select “ iFrame”, sometimes seen as “”, and copy the URL of your website (example: To integrate YouTube videos or PDF files into your Background (even while on the middle of a Session!), make sure to select the corresponding option (See “What are the differences between the Background types?”). Also, if you see the website in the Background but cannot access it, “Rearrange Video” by clicking on the Rearrange Video Icon. Note: for security reasons to all Platform users, WE2VIDEO IDMRs support ONLY HTML5 and SSL approved sites with No Anti-Ghost Policy. Unsecure sites will be rejected. In this case, contact your Site’s Hosting Service to get your Site secure.

  • Can I have a presentation as my IDMR Background?

    Yes, IDMRs are ideal for webinars, trainings, lessons, contract reviews, or any other meeting requiring to present content. Ideally, you should use PDF files in order to take advantage of the multiple in-room features (i.e.: print, download, zoom, etc. – see image below). Note that any Guest will be able to print and save the document being presented.

    Simply, go to Background, select ‘PDF’ for “Background type”, upload a PDF file, and save. Your document will appear as your IDMR Background within a few seconds, even if you are in the middle of a Session with your Guests!

    If you want to use a Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or other document, either ‘print’ it in PDF format and upload it as Background (recommended), or share your screen, or upload the file for all participants to access it.

  • I keep getting a grey Background when I include a link in my IDMR. Why?

    If you get a grey background with this symbol it is because you are trying to integrate a website that has a ‘NO GHOST’ policy or other restrictions (i.e. ; Firewalls, etc.). Only Secured HTML5, HTTPS and SSL sites are allowed. For example Banks, Governments, multinationals, etc. will generally not allow users to embed their websites into somebody else’s websites. You may try to contact the company to request a special permission, for example if you are a Franchisee and want to integrate with the Corporate site. This same policy applies when customizing Left Side Bar icons.

  • Can I change Colors in my IDMR? What’s an HEX?

    Yes. In the “Customization” section, you can choose to modify the colors and opacity of the Header, Side Bars, Background and Text color. If you follow Corporate Brand Guidelines for colors, you can use your exact colors through the HEX numbering.

  • How do I change the Logo?

    Once logged-in, select Edit / Customization / Header, where you will be able to upload a file with your logo. Files must be less than 64 MB, in png gif jpg jpeg format, and larger than 60x60 pixels.

  • What is a Call To Action (CTA) button?

    The IDMR’s Header allows for up to 3 CTA buttons. They simply require the URL of a Website’s address when customizing the Header. CTAs are useful to re-direct Guests to Sign-Up forms, a Corporate Site, a Survey, a frequently used tool such as a Dropbox drive or a LinkedIn Account, etc.). Note that a new browser tab will open, even though your Video Session will continue to be active. Also, note that for Security aspects, CTAs can only host links containing HTTPS addresses.

  • What do the Icons on the Header do?

    See “What does each of the Icons do?” below.

  • What does each of the Icons do?

    The Header Icons below, from left to right, function as follows:
    1. Enlarges Background to full screen
    2. Rearranges participants’ video images counterclockwise. Click on it to access the content in the Background of the IDMR or when sharing your screen.
    3. Allows to change the Video and Audio Settings of the Participant’s device.
    4. Send an Invitation Link to your Guests to access your IDMR. This is your exclusive address in the Cloud!
    5. Provides Information about features of your IDRM, Frequently Asked Questions, and the possibility to open a Help Desk ticket whenever needed
    6. Use the Refresh button whenever there is a connection interference to clear and reconnect.
    7. In order to leave the IDMR or Session, click on EXIT. Note: if ‘No moderator required’ is set for the room, participants may remain in the Session.

    The Icons below the Video Image of each participant, from left to right, serve as follows:
    1. By clicking, you stop the video connection. Audio will continue active. If you have uploaded an Avatar, it will be visible to all participants. It is a good way to improve connectivity if your Internet connection is weak. To return to video, just click on it again.
    2. By clicking, you stop YOUR voice connection (‘Mute’). Video will continue active. It is a good feature if you are in a loud environment. To talk to other participants, just click on it again.
    3. By clicking, you stop YOUR voice and video connection. You will continue to see and hear other participants. In order to cancel video or voice of other participants, just click on the corresponding Icons of each participant.

    The functionalities of the Right Side Bar Icons (below EXIT) are:
    1. Customization Icon: Click and modify your IDMR’s content and setting at any time while in the Room, even during a Session with Guests.
    2. The Participants List shows the Username of the Guests during a Session
    3. Click in order to Chat during a Session. Send links, comments, emojis, etc. Note that comments are visible to all participants.
    4. Upload and share files through this Icon at any time during a Session.

    5. Share Screen functionality. See details in FAQ.

    6. Integrate your Twitter account and visualize content live

    7. Integrate your Facebook account and visualize content live

    8. Integrate your Instagram account and visualize content live

    9. Sketch.IO, a powerful interactive collaboration whiteboard

    10. Timer: shows the amount remaining in your current period and allows you to get additional time.

    The features appearing with every Icon in the Left Side Bar, form left to right:

    1. Refresh content some times help to re-initiate and / or re-establish connection
    2. Presents the Icon’s content (i.e.: video, PPT, website, etc.) to the participant clicking in approximately 1/3 of the screen, while maintaining visual of the participants and the Background.
    3. Presents the Icon’s content to the participant clicking in a full Background screen mode, while maintaining visual of the participants. Note: Rearrange Video for scrolling.
    4. Presents the Icon’s content to the participant clicking in a full Background screen mode, including overflow into the sidebars, while maintaining visual of the participants. Note: Rearrange Video for scrolling.
    5. Presents the Icon’s content to the participant clicking in a full screen mode, including overflow into the Header and Left Side Bar. Participant will remain visible to other Guest in the Session. Click again (top right) to exit full screen mode.

  • Can I display an Audience List?

    Yes. By clicking on this Icon on your Right Side Bar you will be able to see all participants in the Session based on their Registered usernames. Note that Guests do not have access to this feature.

    Through this icon, you can also Redirect a Guest, or all of them including yourself, to other IDMRs in your Account or even finalize the session for a specific Guest.

  • What is the Timer for?

    The Timer at the bottom of the Right Side Bar shows the amount of usage time remaining for sessions (i.e.: a ‘Session’ is the Account Owner plus at least one other Guest) in your IDMR until the end of the contracted period, normally 30 days intervals from the initial acquisition date of the Account. The Timer expresses time as: 1 Day = 24 Hours, 1 Hour = 60 Minutes, and so on. So, 1 Days, 3 Hours, 30 Minutes = 24 hours + 3 hours + 0.5 hours = 27.5 hours of remaining usage (or 1,650 minutes). Through the “REFILL” Icon you can get additional time (See “How do I buy additional time for my IDMRs?”)

  • What is Sketch.IO Icon on the Right Side Bar?

    Sketch IO is a peer-to-peer interactive and collaborative tool that comes as a standard feature with your IDMR. You must select ‘Yes’ when setting your Right Side Bar parameters. It allows having all parties in a Session working on a same file on real-time. You may use it as a ‘white board’, or upload files, make remarks, share, and much more! For more information, visit:

  • Can I change the Icons on the Side Bars?

    Yes, you may change the actual Icons and / or the Icons’ content. The Header and Right Side Bar Icons are standard features of the IDMR and cannot be changed, even though most are customizable. The Icons on the Left Side Bar are fully customizable.

    To customize, go to ‘Side Bar Left’, first choose your colors, and then simply choose an Icon type that will best represent your content from the large list of Icon options, type in a Title for the Icon, and proceed with entering the content (iFrames) in the space provided.

    You can include up to 12 Icons in the Left Side Bar, and several contents (i.e.: tools or videos) in each Icon.

  • How do I add content into the Left Side Bar Icons?

    The Left Side Bar works with ‘embeddable’ links. Most digital media content provide a “share” functionality, and generally, among the options for sharing, is the EMBED option. Select ‘embed’, copy and paste the link. See some examples below:

    Facebook Video (Note: the colored text is what varies by video):

    YouTube Video (Note: the colored text is what varies by video):

    Document from LinkedIn’s SlideShare (Note: the colored text is what varies):

    Several sites and specific services nowadays offer ‘Embed’ possibilities (i.e.: Google Maps, Calendars, Calculators, Platforms, Websites, etc.) through similar ‘iFrame HTML5 Code’. Look around! Note that several websites have No-Ghost polices and will not allow to be embedded into other sites.

    Also, if you no longer want a content or the entire Icon’s content, simply go to Customize and select “Remove” (for the entire Icon’s content) or delete the embedded code of the content to be removed. Always make sure you go through the Captcha verification (‘I’m not a Robot’) prior to saving changes. Within 5 to 10 seconds, the changes will be reflected in the IDMR, even if Guests are participating in a Session. Otherwise, click on the Refresh Icon on the top right of the IDMR.

  • How do I connect my Facebook and Twitter Accounts in the Right-Side Bar?

    You need to ensure that the Facebook ID is exactly as it appears in the Facebook page you are trying to link into your IDMR. Example: RexturAdvance is the ID for this page (note that the @ is not included):
    Note: WE2VIDEO allows only one Facebook account per WE2VIDEO Account. So, if you have several IDMRs within a single Account, only ONE Facebook account can be connected to only one of your IDMRs.

    Also, if you want to only link one or more Facebook videos (not a Facebook Account), use the Left Side Bar to embed individually each video (See : How do I add content into the Left Side Bar Icons?).

  • Can I add my Twitter account? How?

    To connect your Twitter Account, you need to use select Yes to Twitter when customizing your Right side Bar and insert the full URL, for example (note that the @ is not included). In the case of Twitter, if you have several IDMRs under one Account, each IDMR allows to include / link to different Twitter accounts (contrary to Facebook).

  • If I buy several IDMRs, can each IDMR have a different Social Networks account linked?

    As a single ‘Account Owner’ of several IDMRs, only a single account is allowed for Facebook and Instagram, as it is linked to the ‘Owner’. If you want this flexibility, you will need to acquire individual Accounts. Note that Twitter does allow having different Twitter accounts in every IDMR under a single WE2VIDEO Account.

  • What type of third-party integrations can I include in my IDMR?

    The main area of the IDMR, the Background, is specifically designed to integrate most digital solutions that are right for you, your activities, or your business. In addition to images, videos, websites – including e-commerce sites -, live streaming, virtual reality, gaming solutions, private Social Networks, etc., WE2VIDEO can integrate many other private tools and solutions, such as Learning Management Systems, live broadcasting of TV shows and events, IoT solutions, custom dashboards, and more. Visit or contact us for details on custom digital models.

    Also, the Left Side Bar is a pure HTML5 Editor designed for users to customize content through actionable icons. Note that only websites that are HTML5 / HTTPS compliant and IFrame [] under SSL compliance can be integrated into the IDMRs, as part of our strict security policy. Each icon can integrate several embeddable contents such as videos (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), files (PDF, PPT, DOC, etc.), media files (GIF, PNG, JPEG, MP4, etc.) and cloud based productivity tools, such as Google’s tools (maps, forms, calendar, etc.), in addition to other embeddable third party content available through iFrames, including websites, e-commerces, live TV, etc. Note, though, that many sites and platforms restrict integrations through “NO GHOST” policies and cannot be integrated without authorization. Also, many of today’s platforms and online productivity solutions have APIs for easy integration into other platforms. WE2VIDEO allows several API solutions for integration following a technical ‘due diligence’ to ensure the security and guaranteed privacy of all users. For further details, and to find a solution that is right for you, please contact us through our website. Almost certainly we will find the ideal solution for your project!

  • What is an “Anti-Ghost” or “No-Ghost” Policy?

    As part of corporate IT policies, some companies do not allow their websites to be integrated into other websites, either entirely or certain parts of it. This restriction, which is strictly valid and respected by WE2VIDEO, is called “No-Ghost” or “Anti-Ghost” policy. Sites with this restriction are not allowed to be integrated into the IDMRs, unless you obtain ‘clearance’ to do so.

  • What are the “Advanced” Customization features?

    - Country Flag ID: Anonymous Guests will have their location recognized through their IP address and Registered Guest through the country selected upon their initial registration. You can select to show or not the country flag from where Guests are joining. It adds charm to the IDMR when you have foreign Guests!
    - Room Enter Sound: This feature is quite useful to make you and your Guests aware that someone is joining the Session. Sounds can be WAV or MP3 files and must be smaller than 64 MB. A good site to get ‘sounds’ is:
    - Time & Weather: following the criteria of the Country Flag ID, selecting ‘Yes’ in Customization / Advanced / Time & Weather will display on the bottom-right of each Guest’s screen the local time and local weather. It’s a great and useful detail for all participants!

  • My IDMR seems to have ‘frozen’ and I cannot access it

    If a Room is not working, it is most likely something on your side. You may first try to access it through an ‘Incognito’ mode browser tab. If it works, it means your browser has excess content (i.e.: ‘cookies’, etc.); clear your browsing data (cache) prior to your normal access. If the issue persists, go to Account / Accessibility, select Safe Mode, and enter the room. Through process of elimination, remove content to see which one makes your room unstable (possibly a link to a non-secure or embed-authorized content). If your Background is Gray, change it; it means the content you have used is either from a non-secure site, you have chosen the incorrect parameter (i.e.: YouTube, PDF, iFrame, etc.), or the website has a ‘no-ghost’ policy. Also, checkout your side bars for erroneous insertions. WE2VIDEO has several standards to ensure security for all Platform users and some contents may be rejected. If you still have problems after this, please contact our Help Desk.

  • My video connection is great, but sometimes my Guests’ connection is not as good

    As opposed to most video communication services available, WE2VIDEO has its Servers in Sao Paulo, Brazil, ensuring best possible video experience (or lowest ‘latency’) for all of Latin America. If you are experiencing connection quality with your Guests, it is most likely the quality of the Internet and/or the WIFI strength. For best digital experiences, including any type of video connections, we recommend to have a minimum of 4Mbps uplink and downlink (contact your Internet Service Provider to verify users plans). Also, test your device by running and be sure that users’ devices such as HD Webcam and Mic are supported.

  • I sent a link to my Guest but she is not able to enter my IDMR

    First, make sure that YOU are in your IDMR if you have chosen in “Accessibility” for your room to be private (“Moderator Required”). Also, make sure your users are “Authenticated” (versus “Anonymous”) if you chose this option for your Guests’ access. Otherwise, make sure your Guest is accessing through a Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser (Note: At this time, Apple’s Safari browser and IOS for iPhone do not authorize Web Real Time Communication other than with its Facetime tool). Also, first-time Guests, when clicking on your invitation link, must “Allow Camera and Microphone” (a standard Chrome feature). If this still does not work, ask your Guest to try “cleaning” the browser; often browsers become ‘plugged’ with Cookies and other ‘self-installed’ features from visited sites, deteriorating the browser’s performance. Lastly, if your Guest does not have a webcam and you have selected “No” to “Allow without Camera” in your ‘Accessibility’ settings, your Guests will not be able to join in.

  • . I have an IDMR and so does my Colleague. Can I access other IDMRs without getting an invitation link?

    Yes. Any Registered User and/or Account Owner can access other IDMRs, without a link. If you know the IDRM number, simply type it in and enter. Note: To join other IDMRs they must be either ‘public’ or the Moderator must be in the room in order for others to join-in. See also “Redirect”.

  • I have several IDMRs in my Account, can I send my Guests from one IDMR to another without having to send a new link? – ‘Redirect’

    Yes. First, you must ensure that you selected ‘Yes’ in ‘Display Audience List’ when customizing your Right Side Bar. Once in your Session, click on the ‘Audience List’ icon. You may ‘Redirect’ a single Guest by clicking on the Guest’s name or all Guests, including yourself, to another IDMR by clicking on the “Redirect” tab (see image below) and selecting the IDMR number you want to go to. Note: you can only redirect Guests to IDMRs linked to your Account. Also you can redirect yourself between your IDMRs when alone in your IDMR.

  • I can see my Website in the Background of my IDMR but neither my Guests nor I can access it, why?

    In order for the Background to be ‘accessible’, be it a website, a live Broadcast, a PDF presentation, or a Screen Share, you and your Guests must first “Rearrange Videos” to the left, bottom, right, top or overlay of the IDMR by clicking on this Icon in your Header: . Then, all functionalities of the inserted Background becomes available (including web browsing, login, payments gateways, live streaming, etc.). Alternatively, you can click on this icon to enter full screen of the IDMR’s Background. If you chose your Background to be a YouTube video, it will play automatically in the Background regardless of the Guests video positions. Note: in order for a YouTube Background video to have sound or stop, the corresponding icons from the YouTube video must be clicked (generally at the bottom-left of the video).

  • How do I share my screen?

    WE2VIDEO is a browser based Platform and, as one of its main features, it requires No App, No Download, No Install, neither for you nor your Guests. WE2VIDEO supports Add-Ons and Optional Services provided by the Browsers. Screen Share is an Add-On feature of the IDMR that requires a Chrome extension or ‘plug-in’. Any party in the Session can share the screen, provided they have installed the standard browser’s plug-in and follow the procedure below.

    If you are using Chrome (the recommended browser for WE2VIDEO), you can find the ‘plug-in’ at the Footer of our website. This will install an icon on the top right of your browser with the legend “WE2VIDEO Screen Sharing”.

    After this, when you define your Right Side Bar settings in Customization, you must select “Yes” for “Desktop Share” and insert the following link: (where XXXX is the number of your IDMR). – UPDATE LINK FOR WE2VIDEO.

    Anytime you or your Guests wish to share screen, first make sure everyone moves their video image to the left through the ‘Rearrange Video’ Icon , then click on the ‘Share Screen’ Icon in the Right-Side Bar, and select one of the options by clicking on the Chrome ‘plug-In’ (normally ‘Screen Without Audio”). Note: if you have more than one IDMR, you will need to modify the Room Number by clicking in ‘Options’ in the Chrome ‘plug-In’ every time you go into another IDMR. Also, since sharing your own screen through video creates an ‘infinity loop’, you have to share your content ‘outside’ of your IDMR (i.e.: without video visual) or, ideally, have a second screen for video visualization and engagement.

  • Can I video-record a Session?

    Yes. As a standard feature from browser based video services, to record a WE2VIDEO Session, or any other screen video recording you may want to capture as a video file, you must first subscribe to an add-on service and install a one-time “plug-in” in your browser from one of the various Cloud recording service providers. WE2VIDEO recommends "ScreenCastify" (, even though there are several other services available that will work.

    Regardless of your choice, always make sure your Guests are aware that you are going to record and obtain consent prior to recording any video Session.

    Once the ‘plug-in’ is installed in your Chrome browser, shown as an icon on the top right of your browser, simply click on it to invoke and record a session. Here is a video with further details:

  • Can I include my IDMR link in other websites?

    Yes. You may convert your link into a ‘web button’ and include it anywhere (websites, social networks, e-mail signatures, etc.). Make sure that if you want anyone to enter your IDMR at any time through your link (i.e.: if you are showcasing a property for sale, live streaming an ‘open-to-the-public’ seminar / concert / wedding etc.), that you set the Accessibility of your room to “Anonymous” and “No Moderator Required”. Otherwise, you will need to be in your IDMR for your Guests to access.

  • How do I buy additional time for my IDMRs?

    Standard WE2VIDEO Plans are monthly subscriptions with a defined number of hours of webRTC (‘web real time communication’) and iCDN (‘internet content delivery network’), or ‘usage’, generally 2.400 minutes (or 40 hours) per month. It is similar to most mobile phones / Internet plans you use today, or digital products “as-a-service”. Note: if you, the Account Owner, are alone in your IDMR, customizing for example, you are NOT consuming ‘usage’ time from your Plan. Only when Guests enter your IDMR ‘usage’ is consumed.

    If you run out of ‘time’ before the new monthly period begins, you can get additional time by purchasing ACK Codes, at any time, either directly from inside your IDMR, by clicking on “REFILL” in your Timer, or from your main Account page, by clicking on “ORDER” (See “What is an ACK Code and how do they work?”) and follow the payment process instructions. You will receive your ACK Code(s) at your registered Account e-mail. Note that your Timer will become red once you are ‘low on time’.

    Once you receive your ACK Code(s) by e-mail (hint: check your ‘junk’ inbox if you do not get an e-mail within a few minutes), login to WE2VIDEO, access your main Account page, and click on “Activate”. Note: you can also access all purchased ACK codes from your main Account page and selecting ‘Report order codes’

    You may now choose to which IDMR you want to allocate the purchased time (ACK Code), by selecting the IDMR number from the “Room” dropdown menu.

    If you plan to create additional IDMRs inside your Account, a great feature for designing the ideal model for your needs, this is the time to do it. Select “New room”, enter the ‘Activation code’ (ideally “copy and paste” from the e-mail), and click on ‘REFILL’. A new ‘empty’ IDMR will appear in your main Account page. Just start customizing!

    If you need to refill an existing IDMR, simply select the room number you want (instead of ‘New room’), enter the ‘Activation code’ and click on ‘REFILL’. The time purchased will be instantly added to the IDMR.

  • What is an ACK Code and how do they work?

    ACK stands for ‘Activation Code Key’ and is a unique, secure, machine generated code, randomly combining numbers and letters, used by WE2VIDEO for Account Owners to get additional time (‘usage’) and IDMRs (See “How do I buy additional time for my IDMRs?”). In order to purchase ACK Codes, you must have an Account and be logged in.

    Contrary to the usage time included in your monthly plan, generally 40 hours, where unused time is not carried over to subsequent periods, ACK Codes usage time expires only after 365 days from the purchase date.

    Note that if you Refill your original / first IDMR (the one at the bottom of your Account IDMRs list), your monthly Plan usage hours will always be consumed first, allowing you to always have sufficient time carried over to subsequent periods and never run out of time during a session.

    The above procedures and conditions may vary with new plans and custom models.

  • I have used all my time this month and need to get some extra time

    Standard WE2VIDEO Monthly Plans come with 40 hours of usage (Note: As a registered Account Owner or Moderator, if you enter alone into your IDMR, you will not consume ‘usage’ time. Only if there are Guests who enter with a link provided by you or if you enter your IDMR as ‘Anonymous’, usage time is consumed). Your 30 day cycle begins to ‘run’ from the moment you create your WE2VIDEO Account, and will be ‘reset’ again to 40 new hours every 30 days, without carrying over unused time from previous periods, except time from ACK Codes (See “What is an ACK Code and how do they work?”). Note that your IDMR has a Meter displayed in your room through this Icon at the bottom right of the screen:

    If you use all your time before the new period begins (‘contract anniversary’), you may purchase additional time by clicking either on the “Order” button outside your IDMR or on the “Refill” button while inside your IDMR (See: “How do I buy additional time for my IDMRs?”).

    Note: the Timer above shows the amount of time remaining for the current period (and any additional time purchased for your IDMR) according to the following format: Days = 24 hours, Hours = 60 Minutes, Minutes = 60 Seconds. Example: 1 Days, 3 Hours, 30 Minutes = 24 hours + 3 hours + 0.5 hours = 27.5 hours of remaining usage (or 1,650 minutes). The Timer will turn red, signaling that your are low on ‘minutes left’.

  • How do I ‘clean’ my browser for improved connectivity and performance?

    Each browser has its own procedure with easy to follow steps. WE2VIDEO recommends Chrome. Click on “Chrome” and select “Clear browsing data” and follow the procedure. Try to always upgrade to the latest Chrome version by selecting, in “Chrome” the option to update automatically. Note: cleaning the browser will NOT erase your saved Login information, Passwords, your Plug-ins or Favorites.

  • Can I access my IDMR from any computer other than my own?

    Yes. Since WE2VIDEO is a browser based Platform, with no need for special software or installations, you can access your IDMR from any computer connected to the Internet, anywhere you want. Make sure it has Chrome or other WebRTC-friendly browser. Preferably “clear browsing data” before connecting (See “How do I ‘clean’ my browser for improved connectivity and performance?”), and ensure it has a webcam, if you want to connect through video. Also, note that some computers and / or WIFI networks have firewalls or corporate IT policies that restrict access to unknown external sites; if this is the case, you will have to contact the technology team for access. WE2VIDEO currently supports PC, MAC, Linux and Android devices.

  • Can I use my IDMR on a Mobile Phone?

    Yes. IDMRs are designed for with multiple participants real-time face-to-face interactivity and collaboration, with possibilities for integrating content and digital tools. Accessing IDMRs through mobile phones will not provide, due to screen size, an ideal experience for the participants, unless it is simply for video communication. Also, note that due to Apple’s policy, iOS phones do not allow to access most webRTC platforms. All other operating systems (i.e: Android) will work perfect, subject to internet connection.

  • How do I Test my device for HTML5 and WebRTC

    One of the easiest ways to find out if you are HTML5 and WebRTC compliant is to test your settings.
    Download and install, or upgrade, the latest version of the Chrome Browser. Then, test your device by running
    For troubleshoot assistance, you may download the report and send as an attachment when you open a Help Desk ticket.

  • Can I cancel my Account at any time?

    Yes. Standard WE2VIDEO Plans are annual contracts, with automatic renewal, charged monthly until you request to cancel. If you no longer find value for your IDMRs and want to give up your “personal address in the cloud”, you may cancel your Account with a 60 days notice through our Help Desk. Note: cancelling an Account cancels all associated IDMRs, erases all content, and restricts access to all IDMRs (through ‘login’ or links’) as of the requested date. Unused time upon cancellation is non refundable.

  • Video images are blank when entering the IDMR, including mine, but everything else seems ok. What could it be?

    It is most likely because you have chosen “Yes” for “Audio Call Only” in your IDMRs “Accessibility” settings. By selecting “No” all parties will return to the Video function, including yourself. Note that this feature (‘Audio Call Only’) is particularly useful when Guests are entering from their phones and / or when Internet connectivity is temporarily weak (i.e.: during storms, etc.)

  • Why the “I’M NOT A ROBOT” all the time? What is CAPTCHA?

    In order to ensure top Security standards throughout the WE2VIDEO Platform, particularly with respect to users’ privacy and data protection, ‘Captchas’ are required throughout several processes within your IDMR. Captchas are widely used to prevent cyber attacks from ‘entering’ websites. They are a program or system intended to distinguish human from machine input, typically as a way of thwarting spam and automated extraction of data from websites.

  • How can I download the latest copy of Chrome?

    Maintaining the latest version of your Chrome Browser will ensure the best features. This is true also for your WE2VIDEO IDMR experience. Also, remember to clear your browsing data frequently from ‘cookies’, as this ‘plugs’ your Browser’s performance. For the latest version of Chrome go to the bottom of our website, or click on ‘Chrome’, select ‘About Google Chrome’, and follow the instructions.

  • How can I clarify additional doubts about my IDMR?

    You can check out the videos at about:


    Or contact us for additional information through our Help Desk